Recent Projects

Flue Penetration, Geelong West

Flue Penetration, Geelong West I received a call from Mr. Sid, who had been experiencing issues with his flue. Upon inspection, I noticed that the flue had been poorly installed and was not properly sealed to prevent water penetration. This led to moisture buildup and eventually caused damage to the surrounding walls and ceiling. As […]

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Flue Penetration, Fyansford

Flue Penetration, Fyansford One night our team receive an emergency call for a flue penetration issue at an old building in Fyansford. So we quickly prepared our tools and headed to the location. The client informed us that they have been facing this issue for a few days now, but it has become worse in

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Flue Penetration, Highton

Flue Penetration, Highton Our team receive a request from Highton of an old customer asking for our assistance in a flue penetration project. He explained that the roof of his newly constructed house had developed leaks due to water seeping through the chimney and causing damage to the surrounding ceiling. After inspecting the problem, we

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Chimney Flashing Replacement in Belmont

Chimney Flashing Replacement in Belmont Our team recently completed a chimney flashing replacement project in the suburb of Belmont. The existing soaker and lead flashing had become rusted and were no longer providing adequate protection against leaks. After carefully removing the old flashing, we thoroughly inspected the chimney for any additional damage. We then installed

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